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What's New

Sorry for being away for so long (3-4 years)!

I am going to be doing a complete site revamp. New layout, graphics, and templates. Bring Tazem Designs into the 21st century

All the images from the old site are here. Feel free to use what you like. There may be some broken links now and then but I'm working on it!

Backgrounds: Borders, Tiles, Full Screen
Sets: Small Sets with Background, Buttons, HR's
Large Sets have 4-8 matching Backgrounds along with Buttons, HR's, Bullets and more
Buttons: Hundreds of Plain, Textured,and Pre-Labeled Buttons
Horizontal Rules: Plain, Cartoon, 3-D, matching
Icons: Tons of tiny works of art!
Web Images: Arrows, MailBoxes, Home, Navigation Bars
Fonts: Many Freeware/Shareware TrueType Fonts (TTF)

All original graphics are created with Paint Shop Pro by Jasc.

We have also moved to a new server, which means faster access times, much more space, direct mail - taz@tazem.com, much faster and easier to add or update the free graphics, and better indexing.


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