New Designs


Taz Originals

Small Sets Background with matching buttons, bullets, and horizontal rules
Large Sets Coordinated backgrounds, usually 4-6, with matching pre-labeled buttons, blank buttons, bullets, and horizontal rules
Borders Bordered backgrounds, patterns and plain.
Hundreds of shiny buttons! I'll be adding more all the time...
Page Icons COMING SOON Mail, pointers, fun stuff...
Tazem Designs retains all copyrights for these images. They may not be included in any image collection for distribution, either online, CD, or any other electronic media.
Please see Copyright page for complete copyright info and button code.

Please download the images you not point your page to my server for the images. The names and location of the images will change often and your pages will not work.

Public Domain

Clip Art
Horizontal Rules Fonts
Bullets/Balls Animations
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